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Storyland Pre-School and Child Care in Livermore, CA

Storyland School in Livermore, CA offers Preschool and Extended Child Day Care, After School Care, and Enrichment Courses for children age 24 months through 6 years old. 

We accept new students year round.  Please contact us for availability.
For questions on enrollment or to schedule a tour click here or call 925-449-1531. 


We believe that we have an opportunity to create a better world for children by partnering  with our families and providing high quality education for our students.  We offer additional programs to provide new challenges as well as provide varied choices.  


We provide an approach to teaching in all areas of development such as:
cognition & literacy, math, science, music, creative arts, physical development, and social development. These are offered within an age appropriate integrated curriculum. 


Storyland provides an environment where children are encouraged and motivated to learn in a nurturing, caring, and fun manner.  They are allowed to discover and develop at their own pace with the guidance of qualified teachers and staff members.  We believe that each child should be given the opportunity to work at their own level and simultaneously be encouraged to enhance and build on their skills through academic guidance.

Watch our video and see how learning comes to life!

Storyland School

Main Entrance

2475 Fourth St.

Livermore, CA 94550

(Corner of S. Livermore Ave. and Fourth St.)



2486 East Avenue

Livermore, CA 94550



Phone (Main Line): 925-449-1531

Fax: 925-449-4683

E-mail: info@storylandschool.com


Schedule a tour: 925-449-1531 or use our online form

If you would like to enroll your child click here


Our teachers are also available for subject-related questions.


School Hours

Monday -Friday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

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