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Our Toddler Program is offered for children 2 years of age. 


Each week a theme, along with a shape and color is built into the curriculum plan.   These topics are highlighted and integrated into the daily activities which include literacy, math, science, arts, social skills, and physical skills. 


Toddler Curriculum Goals 

Language and Literacy

  • Develop listening behavior and comprehension skills.
  • Learn to sit still, look at the speaker while reading stories, respond and wait for own conversation turn.
  • Learn to follow simple directions.
  • Learn to respond to language that is read with related comments or questions.
  • Develop verbal skills expressing wants, needs, and experiences.
  • Develop the ability to converse with adults and other children.
  • Use language to describe events, make decisions and participate during circle time activities.
  • Develop vocabulary/speech.



  • Begin to describe, match and sort objects.
  • Begin to understand similarities and differences among objects.
  • Begin to recognize shapes.
  • Rote count (to 10).
  • Begin to recognize numbers.
  • Basic weather and seasons.
  • Develop understanding of safety for school, home, and weather emergencies.
  • Learn about senses.
  • Learn to be responsible for their personal health.
  • Recognize and name colors.


Visual Art       

  • Explore the basic elements of art.
  • Learn to use art materials in creative ways.
  • Have fun and enjoy art related sensory experiences.
  • Begin to express ideas and feelings through art.
  • To respect own work, as well as others' work.


Dramatic Play

  • Experiment with many objects, roles and characterizations.
  • Dramatize familiar stories, songs, and past events.
  • Develop skills to create a play theme.
  • Combine constructive and pretend play.
  • Develop verbal skills in the context of dramatic play.


Social Development

  • Become aware of what is socially appropriate.
  • Accepting/respecting rules/limits set by adults.
  • Begin to practice cooperative behavior.
  • Begin to show empathy for others.
  • Become aware of their own emotions and learn to express them constructively.
  • Begin to separate from parents with ease.
  • Develop age-appropriate independence.
  • Potty training (when showing signs of readiness).


Physical Development

  • Use their whole body to strengthen muscle groups, (running, jumping, hopping, climbing, throwing, catching, and kicking).
  • Participate in a variety of motor activities to enhance physical coordination, endurance, flexibility and agility.
  • Begin to develop eye-hand coordination, finger, thumb, and whole hand coordination, strength, and endurance.
  • Develop the ability to use writing/drawing/painting tools.





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