Curriculum Programs


Age 2 Years

We will nurture your toddler to develop self help skils and establish independence.


Age 3 to 4 Years

We will challenge your child to develop all alreas of learning and prepare them for the world.   


Age 4 to 5 Years

We will prepare your child for Kindergarten and provide a chance at academic success.



Enrichment Programs

We encourage our students to explore and develop new interests.  


Storyland School


Main Entrance: 2475 Fourth St. Livermore CA 94550 (Corner of S. Livermore Ave. and Fourth St.)


Mailing: 2486 East Ave. Livermore CA 94550

Phone (Main) :  925-449-1531

Fax: 925-449-4683



Schedule a tour: 925-449-1531 or use our online form

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Hours of Operation

M-F 7:00 am - 6:00pm

Half and Full Day Options Available


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